Over the years the health care scenario has been rapidly changing. Trust between the physician and patient was ebbing away. Caring for the sick became a commercial activity. This was found to be evident in the form of extensive investigations, kickbacks, over prescription, prolongation of Hospital stays, and the like. Also the marginalized were exploited by black market organ transplantation, surrogacy etc.

In addition to these, at that time, Bioethics was not included in medical curriculum; there was acute shortage of Bioethics faculty; the very few Bioethics books available dealt more with the legal than ethical issues.

Concerned about the then prevailing situation, 2009 onwards a number of leaders among health care professionals had discussions about the erosion of morality in medical practice.

In order to engage with these, a National Bioethics Consultation was held in Chennai in January 2010. There were 22 participants of medical professionals from Christian Missions, Private practice, Govt. Hospitals, Teaching Institutions, Mission Hospitals and theologians from Catholic Hospital Association of India, Union Theological College and Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. This was followed by a number of consultations.

The Centre for Bioethics (TCB) was founded as a result of the consensus arrived at the National Bioethics Consultation. TCB is a Christian non-profit bioethics center. It was registered under the Societies registration Act 1860, in February 2013. Its area of function is throughout the Republic of India.