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We play a vital role to enable medical students and graduates to engage with challenging bioethical issues faced in the medical profession.

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TCB in partnership with CMC Vellore is launching a Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Bioethics.

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Generous contributions are welcome to promote ethical clinical practice among medical students and doctors, to create awareness among adolescents to promote life and to develop bioethics teaching materials.

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‘As long it helps somebody’: why vulnerable people participate in research

Susan Alexander; Edith Cowan University In the past, ethics committees and researchers have avoided research among vulnerable groups because of prevailing perceptions that such research is unethical and difficult. Taking an opposite stand, this article will argue that it is in fact unethical not to research vulnerable

Ethical Issues in End-of-Life Geriatric Care: The Approach of Three Monotheistic Religions—Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam

A. Mark Clarfield, MD, FRCPC, Michael Gordon, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Hazel Markwell, Ph.D. DTh, and Shabbir M. H. Alibhai, MD, MSc, FRCPC Ethical dilemmas pervade modern geriatric medicine. What is considered right or wrong will differ dependingon, among other things, the patient’s religion. The three Abrahamic monotheistic

Ethics Seminars: Vulnerable populations in Emergency Medicine Research

Tammie Quest, Catherine A. Marco Regulatory bodies and institutional review boards areincreasingly considering human subjects who are vulnerable to research not because of their intrinsic characteristics,but because of the particular situations or circumstances that they bring with them as potential research participants.Several subsets of emergency department patients

How prepared are young, rural women in India to address their sexual and reproductive health needs? a cross-sectional assessment of youth in Jharkhand

Sushanta K. Banerjee, Kathryn L. Andersen, Janardan Warvadekar, Paramita Aich, Amit Rawat, and Bimla Upadhyay Young, rural Indian women lack sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and agencyand are at risk of negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes. Youth-focused interventions have beenshown to improve the agency and

Incubation Period and Reproduction Number for Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID -19) Infections in India.

Seema Rajesh Patrikar, PhD, Atul Kotwal, MD, Vijay K. Bhatti, MD, Amitav Banerjee, MD, Kunal Chatterjee, MD, Renuka Kunte, MD, and Murlidhar Tambe, MD. Novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) rapidly spread from China to other parts of the world. Knowledge of the incubation period and reproduction number is

Replicating and protecting the path of COVID-19 with a model-implied reproduction number

Shelby R. Buckman, Reuven Glick, Kevin J. Lansing,∗Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau, and Lily M. Seitelman As of July 19, 2020, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has infected nearly 15 million people worldwide, accounting for over 600,000 deaths.1 The two hardest-hit nations are the United States and Brazil, as measured by the total number of

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