Post Graduate Diploma in ChristianBioethics

TCB in partnership with CMC Vellore is launching a Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Bioethics. Apply here

Why this course?

With the development of modern medicine andoverttechnologicaladvancements,unprecedented ethical challenges have beenemerging. While there seems to be bettertreatment options with the latest technologies,over the years, unethical medical practices havebeen on the increase, contributing tocommercialization of clinical practice, limitedaccess to ailing marginalized and bringingdisrepute to the medical profession. Medicalpractice has almost become a technocracy,distancing from the foundational values andprinciples. In this context, we see a great need tooffer this country a Post Graduate Diploma inChristian Bioethics, upholding dignity of all humanbeings and sacredness of human life

Who is this course for ?

This course is designed for healthcareprofessionals, lawyers, theologians, managementprofessionals and others with a keen interest in Christian Bioethics meeting the minimum qualificationrequirements.

Minimum qualifications required-

  • B.Sc./Diploma AHS
  • MBBS / B.Sc. Nursing
  • LLB/ B.Th / B.Divd.PGDHA / FHA / MHA / BBA or MBA(Healthcare Administration)

Teaching Methodology

This two year course comprises of a learner centredproblem solving curriculum with nine interactivemodules which will be covered through direct classesand video lectures; a capstone project will also bepart of the course, requiring students to utilize theirknowledge for practical workplace situations involvingethical issues

The course content will be disseminated through

  • Guided self-study on blended learning platform –part self-study and part contact classes
  • Three six day mandatory contact class sessionsto be held at CMC conducted by intramural andextramural expert faculty
  • Opportunities to be observers in ethicscommittees

Course modules

  1. Biblical Foundations of Ethics
  2. Philosophy and Theories of Bioethics
  3. Evolution of Bioethics
  4. Indian Context
  5. Professionalism6.Clinical Ethics
  6. Global and Public Health Ethics
  7. Research Ethics
  8. Agents of Change

Download Form & More Info

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