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Drawing the Line in Medical Ethics
Modules 1-10

In this issue we look at some of the ethical issues related to the end of life. We have touched upon only a few areas in these articles. Coming face to face with death is always a humbling experience and Dr. Christina’s article reminds us that though death is the final enemy and we always feel rightly that we are violated, there is much we can learn from it. Dr Santhosh writes an article from personal experience of journeying closely with a loved one through the valley of the shadow of death and gives much practical wisdom on how a care giver can compassionately facilitate the whole process. His article touches upon many issues that can crop up in these situations and will be a helpful resource for one who has to care for a loved one with a life limiting illness. Withdrawal of supports and life sustaining measures is always a painful decision and the article by Shobha gives useful guidelines and perspective…

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